Friday, June 25, 2010

Naples Zoo

Is there anything better than a day at the zoo? I don't know, but I can tell you we had a blast. We saw everything from Lions, to zebras, to fosas to the coolest black bears. The neatest thing about the Naples zoo is you are so close to the animals. You actually feel like you are face to face with them. There is only a chain link fence between you and two gigantic lions! It is so cool! I couldn't wait for summer to enjoy these types of days with the boys! We had so much fun, from watching a snake show, riding in a boat and playing on the many play structures! Watching the boys enjoy these experiences is so much fun It makes me feel so lucky to have them and to be a part of their lives. I can't wait for many more days like this one to come! I hope summer never ends!

The best on I could get of the two of them!

Tyler and Bryce having so much fun on the play structures! Tyler is old enough and big enough to do them all by himself! It's a little frightening at times, but it is so much fun to just sit back and watch him explore. Bryce is just starting to explore, but following in his brother's footsteps. He climbs on everything and tries everything his brother does. He already idolizes his older brother.

Two video's of the boys playing and climbing!

Just a few more of them playing! They had so much fun!

This is at the snake show. Tyler really enjoyed all the snakes and wanted to take them home with him, it was easy to say NO WAY!! Bryce wasn't much in to the snakes, but he had fun playing on the bleachers and eating pretzels!

Here Tyler and Bryce are watching a leopard walk right past them. All the separates them is on sheet of glass. It is so cool!

Tyler and Bryce's first boat trip. We went on a boat to see all the monkeys. There are no fences in the monkey exhibit, just water surrounding the islands. It was fun and the breeze we got on the boat was just what we needed on this very hot day. Bryce and I were on one side of the boat and Ty and Nani were on the other.

Tyler and Nani on their side of the boat!

Some of the cool monkeys!

Are their uglier ducks in the world then Florida ducks? I don't know but the boys loved them!

A video of Tyler trying to get food for the ducks. I don't know who was more disappointed that we didn't have any quarters, the ducks or Tyler.

Tyler climbing a tree! He was inspired by the monkey's!

Tyler and his little girlfriend that we met at the zoo! They had so much fun together! He is so ready to be at school and to meet new people! They had so much fun running from exhibit to exhibit together!

This is Tyler watching the lions! They are so close, only that fence keeps them away from us! It's kinda scary really!

The bears were the best part of the day. The one I swear was putting on a show just for us! Bryce kept pointing at the bear and Tyler was having the time of his life!

A video of the bear and the boys watching the bear!

Hair Cut

The boys got their hair cut today! It is so short, but they are loving their new summer dos.
I always go through withdrawal for a day or two after their hair is cut! I love their long hair, but this cut is much better for summers in Florida! This was a great start to our summer!

The best one of Tyler! I can't believe I actually got a real smile!

Bryce always has a giant smile for the camera!

Thursday, June 17, 2010


Here Are a few from our favorite place, the pool! The first ones are from our pool and the second set from Nani and Papi's pool. My boys are fish and I love it! Tyler is learning to swim and Bryce is fearless. He would just jump in if I let him! He floats on his back and dunks his head! His older brother, is a little wiser and much more cautious. Watching the difference between the two personalities is so much fun! They are so different, and yet so very much alike. They already have formed that brotherly love, hate relationship. Tyler wants Bryce with him at all times, and Bryce is always checking to make sure Tyler is watching. It just melts my heart to see them play together and get along (as long as Bryce doesn't take Tyler's toys that is)! Here they are getting along great!

Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Spagehtti night!

When we have spaghetti for dinner, a blast is had. Here is a movie and some pictures of Bryce eating his favorite meal! Enjoy, we sure did! (Sorry none of Tyler, but he eats with a fork and doesn't get a bit messy!) Too Cute! I love my boys!

Sea Aquarium

We had so much fun at the sea aquarium. Tyler keeps asking Daddy to bring home Puffer Fish on a daily basis! Here are some cute pictures from our adventure. Bryce didn't enjoy it as much as his brother. I can't wait till both of my boys are old enough to enjoy the aquarium!
Tyler showing off his octopus that he colored after the aquarium! Here is his silly face and down below is his smile! He smiles just like his daddy!